Many other jewelry designers use a manufacturing process called casting. Casting starts with wax that is used to create a mold, which is then used to create many identical metal settings. The identical metal settings will then need to be set with stones of the same uniform shape and size. Casting allows for easy mass production, but it also means that every setting is the same and any gemstone used must fit the original mold.

Amáli does things differently. Instead of starting with a mold and sourcing uniform stones to fit in standardized settings, we start by collecting gemstones that speak to us. We seek the unusual, the rare, the gorgeous weirdos that not everyone appreciates. 

We then design a custom metal setting to cradle and complement each individual gemstone, shaping a gold bezel around its unique shape and adding textile-style embellishments one chain link at a time. 

Making every piece by hand takes longer, and it’s hard work for our team, but it’s worth it because that’s what the extraordinary gemstones that we source deserve. It’s worth it, because our customers are the kind of people who appreciate the difference between mass-produced and handcrafted. It’s worth it because this is our vision and our passion, and we love to make this dream come true.