Whenever summer comes around we love to feature our fiery red Rubies! 

Ruby Represents Passion and Protection

With its signature rich red color, Ruby has traditionally represented fire and passion. Ruby also represents loyal protection and sacrifice. 

Ruby has been revered since ancient times. Rubies were traded as far back as 200 BC along the Silk Road, when Chinese noblemen regarded them not only for their beauty but also for their supposed protective powers. Warriors in Burma (now Myanmar) carried Rubies into battle with the steadfast belief that the Rubies would protect them. Whether or not these claims of protection are true, it’s clear that Ruby has been valued for over 2,000 years. 

Ruby and Royalty

Rubies have long since been a favorite of the British Royal Family, sported by the late Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, and more recently the Duchess of Cornwall. In Denmark, the Crown Princess Mary currently owns a gorgeous Ruby tiara. 

Ruby is the Birthstone for July

July encompasses most Cancers and some Leos. Since Cancer signs are said to be nurturers and Leos are known to be extremely passionate, it only makes sense for Ruby to represent July!

Additionally, in many parts of the world, July is extremely HOT! As we mentioned, Ruby represents fiery passion. Wear Ruby to remind you of your passion daily. 

Where is Ruby Mined?  

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is the primary source of high-quality Rubies. The next biggest mining sites for Ruby are in surrounding areas like India and Southeast Asia. You can also find Ruby in East Africa, Australia, and a small amount in the US. Although there is one public mine in Cherokee, North Carolina, don’t get your hopes up. Ruby is incredibly rare, contributing to its high value. 

Is Ruby Valuable? 

Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones and is extremely valuable. Although it is mined in several different countries, there isn’t much of it. In fact, Ruby is more rare than Diamond, and can even be more expensive. The most expensive Ruby sold to date is nicknamed the Sunrise Ruby; at 25 carats, it sold for $30 million! Luckily, you can find high-quality Ruby jewelry at Amáli without dropping millions.

How is Ruby Formed? 

Like many gemstones, Ruby is formed in the Earth’s crust under intense heat and pressure. But unlike other gemstones, the mineral needed to create Ruby is very rare. Corundum, which is made up of aluminum and oxygen atoms, is the base for Ruby. On its own, pressurized Corundum would turn into a colorless stone. But when just a small amount of Chromium makes its way into the mix, a stunning red hue is created. Interestingly, there are other minerals that can ruin Corundum’s journey to becoming a Ruby. For example, if too much silica or iron come into play, the entire color will be changed, and it will not grow into a Ruby. 

The Full Range of Red

Due to the reaction between Chromium and Corundum, Ruby is always a variation of red. But it can range in color from a deep Bordeaux red all the way to a rich magenta. The most expensive Rubies are the pure red Rubies, also known as Burmese Rubies or “pigeon’s blood” Rubies. Personally, we think they’re all gorgeous, and you should choose your Ruby based on your personal style and preference!

Rubies tend to be both fluorescent and pleochroic. Fluorescence refers to the way Rubies emit light while they are also absorbing it. To put it plainly, Rubies can “glow” in the light. Pleochroism is similar, but it refers to the colors that are displayed. Depending how a Ruby is cut, it can show different colors when turned at different angles towards a light source. So you may have a classic red Ruby that shows hints of pink when held at an angle. 

Taking Care of Ruby 

Rubies are not only a gorgeous addition to your jewelry collection, but also a perfect gemstone for everyday wear. With a hardness rating of 9, they are nearly as scratch-resistant as Diamond, and they are highly unlikely to chip. It only makes sense for a gem that’s said to offer protection to be so durable! 

You should still take care of your Rubies, just like they (according to legend) take care of you! To clean them, use a gentle soap with warm water and avoid harsh chemicals. You should also be careful with prolonged heat or sunlight exposure. Rubies are fiery enough on their own!

So How Should You Wear Ruby? 

As always, we encourage you to wear exactly what you want and be confident about it! But we’ve got some inspiration for you if you’re looking to add Ruby to your fine jewelry collection.

If you’re the lady in red when everybody else is wearing black, we bet you’ll love this Ruby ring. The oval shape and yellow gold band remind us so much of Elizabeth Taylor’s famous Ruby ring. With a pinkish red hue and stunning fluorescence, this ring is sure to get attention. Wear it to remind you of your inner passion and confidence. 

Oval Ruby Ring

To unleash your royal side, consider this Amáli Ruby teardrop necklace. This deep purplish hue is known as “royal Ruby”, so you’ll feel just like a queen sporting this with your favorite V-neck blouse. 

Ruby Teardrop Necklace

Is your style a bit more vintage? This bracelet brings us all the way back to Medieval times with its oxidized silver chain. The yellow gold seems to be woven around tiny droplets of fire. 

This oxidized sterling silver bracelet features a row of red rubies suspended in 18k yellow gold chain in the center.

To complete the set, check out our matching oxidized silver contrast necklaces. These can be worn separately or layered together for a more dramatic look. Not sure how to layer? Check out our blog full of necklace layering tips!

Several 18k yellow gold wrapped rubies are placed in an oxidized sterling silver chain.
This short necklace is crafted with 18k yellow gold wrapped rubies in the center of an oxidized sterling silver chain.

We have a wide selection of Ruby jewelry at Amáli, and we hope you find the “perfect piece” just for you!