We put a lot of care and consideration into making our jewelry. Here are our suggestions for five simple ways to continue that dedicated care for your Amáli jewelry: 

  1. Leave it for last.

    Protect your jewelry by making sure it’s the last thing that you put on your body when you get dressed. We’re not saying it’s a disaster if you occasionally drip moisturizer onto your necklace, but there’s no need for your jewelry to share your entire beauty routine. Putting your jewels on last will save them from years of residue build up.

  2. Go gently.

    Our jewelry is made to stand up to everyday wear, but you can help avoid possible damage by handling your jewelry with care. Be gentle with soft stones like Opals and Pearls. Diamonds may be the one of the hardest substances on Earth, but even a Diamond will break if it takes enough hits.

  3. Take it off.

    We want you to enjoy your Amáli jewelry every day, but there are times when it’s best to put it away. Showering, gardening, exercising, cleaning – any activity that involves heavy objects, force, or chemical substances (yes, even soap) is something that could damage your jewelry. Even sleeping in your jewelry creates opportunities for pieces to be bent, crushed, or twisted.

  4. Store it safely.

    Invest in a formal storage solution, whether that’s a pretty little vintage box or a custom-built safe. Proper storage can keep jewelry from getting tangled, broken, or dirty and ultimately extend its life.

  5. Enjoy it!

    Jewelry is art for the body and we want you to wear it! If you get it dirty, it can be cleaned. If you damage it, it can be repaired. Wear your jewelry, love your jewelry, thrive in your jewelry. Repeat.