Amáli’s designer, Sara Freedenfeld, was never classically trained in jewelry making, so her approach to her craft is truly one-of-a-kind. Sara’s technique is based on ancient fiber arts; a unique amalgam of her own inspiration joined with the gifts of knowledge that she received from trading skills with artists around the world during her travels.

Picture of Sara working on a woven diamond necklace

While backpacking across South America, Sara discovered Amáli’s signature aesthetic. She learned macramé from a Chilean artist selling jewelry on the street to fund his own political activism. Later, she studied metalworking with an artist working on a Venezuelan beach. 

The two techniques sparked an artistic inferno in Sara’s mind. She began refining her process for weaving precious metals with a macramé-inspired approach. The result is unforgettable fabric-like designs in 18k gold. 

Sara’s technique is the aesthetic anchor of every Amáli design, each of which is meticulously handmade by Sara herself or one of the artists on our small team. Some Amáli designs have only a whisper of Sara’s woven magic – a border of braided chain or a touch of textile – while others are so fluid that they feel more like golden cloth than jewels made from hard metal. It’s a labor-intensive process, but the result is worth it.

Picture of a model holding a black diamond woven necklace